Core Realty Advisors

Brokerage and Advisory Services

Practice Areas

Residential Sales

Core Realty Advisors represents home-owners in the sale of their residential and investment properties. As a California licensed brokerage entity for over 30 years we list and market homes and apartments. Core Realty will advise on the positioning of the property, staging it, and marketing the property to be able to sell it in the shortest period of time and to be able to obtain the highest possible price for our clients.

Real Estate Investments

Core Realty Advisors works with individual, families and institutional investors in the acquisition and sale of real estate properties. Advising and obtaining investment properties for our clients involves selecting properties within the State of California or across the United States. 


We work with estates that are in need to sell the real estate assets. We work with attorneys and estate administrators to properly value the property and to market it for sale to be able to obtain the highest possible value and return to the estate.